Lake Como

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Lake Como, 11"x14", oil on canvas. Sold.

I've only been to Italy once and I wish I had paid a little more attention to the natural landscape and vegetation, rather than the fake Prada purses and the Gelato.  If I had, I might know what type of trees these are as they are so lovely and distinctive.   I may have been hindered by something I read in a guide book that instructed young women traveling without male companions to avoid making eye contact with Italian men.   I spent most of my time with my head down and eyes averted.

So stupid.

This is another painting that I did for a card assignment, and the original painting is listed on etsy.


6 Responses to “Lake Como”

  1. As for the trees they quite look like maritime pines. You can find them frequently around our lakes, including Lake of Como. But I’m not sure about the coffee pot… the one you pictured is not very popular here. Anyway your landscape is beautiful. 🙂

    PS next time you visit Italia, forget those silly out-of-date guides: Italian men aren’t like those pictured in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (anymore)… 😉

    Merry Christmas! …or Buon Natale!

    • I will definitely ignore those guides in the future. When I return to Italy, I`m going to enjoy the wine and atmosphere (including looking at the Italian men).
      Merry Christmas!


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