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It probably goes without saying that I'm very influenced by films.  I watch them all the time even when I'm painting and perhaps that's not such a good thing, but it can get a little lonely in my tiny little studio so it helps to have distractions.   In particular, I'm always looking at older films to get ideas for clothing, interiors, props and even the general mood for a painting and it's a good thing that John (my husband) has some sort of mental disorder and feels the need to have at least 3000 films neatly stacked away in our little film library that I can consult when necessary.  Of course, I get in trouble whenever I don't put one back properly which results in a dull lecture on the proper handling of his dvd's in which I tune out as soon as he starts.

One of my upcoming paintings entitled 'The Quiet Country Life'  I'm fairly certain owes a debt to Nicole Kidman's look in Cold Mountain.  It wasn't deliberate, in fact, I haven't even watched the film in some time, but I always loved how in that film she seems to become more beautiful as she grows more and more independent.

I also recently watched 'I Am Love' staring Tilda Swinton which is visually stunning and no doubt will surface in some form in an upcoming painting.  I guess that's one good thing about winter.  Hibernation = films and lots of wine.

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  1. John Woodward

    What is so complicated about never touching the surface of a DVD?! Does that make me OCD?

  2. that was fun to read and to see your collage. I too, watch old movies or play them in the background all the time as of late. The slow timing, the funny accents and music, and of course the great costumes and scenery. I particulary love the Elizabeth Taylor shot from Butterfield 8 and Kiera in the Green Dress!

  3. Juli Blumenberg

    I can’t wait to see “A Quiet Country Life”. You’re right about Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain. I remember thinking the same thing about her transformation when I watched it. Again, thanks for sharing some of your inspiration!

  4. Janet, i have been stalking you for months…mind you im not the weird stalker…just the quiet bashful stalker!!! Ive been an artist all my life….went back to college at age 28 and obtained a very useful art degree(insert huge laugh). Ive been teaching since i graduated in 2006 and raising three teenagers! All of this while my painting “time” as been very little……but since i found you….i have been inspired beyond words to paint prolifically for the past few months! Todays post was just what i needed to spark a comment out of me and let you know that i think you are a wonderful artist…….i love love love artists who joins a marriage between paint and film!!!! And what a terrific job you are doing by making it a sucessfull “marriage”!!!!!

    Also, its a good think i read this when my spouse was not here…i laughed out loud!! with the lecture part of your post!!!!! Ill keep my reasons to myself!! btw…i just whatched burlesque…and went directly home and started producing paintings of burlesque “attitude”!!!!

  5. Very nice inspirations! If it were me, I’d put Kirsten Dunst in “Marie Antoinette” in there, too. That movie was a complete feast for the eyes.

    • True, very true. And a woman director too! I pull that one out whenever I’m a little sad and sit back and watch all the crazy beauty.


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