Finnegan’s Socks

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Finnegan has a 'thing' for stealing socks.  Particularly my cheery Joe Fresh socks.  Today I thought I would teach him a lesson and actually make him wear the socks while I folded the laundry.  He seemed to really enjoy wearing them and I fear that he will want to make a habit of it.   Meanwhile, I fear that I'm becoming a very silly person.

And for anyone who may be interested, the Christmas cards are back in the shop!


9 Responses to “Finnegan’s Socks”

  1. This is just too cute! How could anyone look at this picture and not smile? I wonder if I can get my cat to do the same thing? Hmmmm…

  2. A Gift Wrapped Life

    The sweetest dog and maybe Finnegan was trying to tell you something! XO

  3. OMG, Janet, this is too friggin cute. Although I must say he look really impressesd, maybe he didn’t like the colours of the socks. LOL
    This would make such a cute card, thanks for the laugh

  4. what a sweetie pie! i was looking at a catalog tonight (Doctors Foster and Smith), and they had doggie socks for sale! maybe he would like to have a pair made just to fit him, he might stop stealing yours!

  5. Awwww, yes, I agree with Thea, Finnegan does look pretty content – and yes, Janet; you should let him have em’. Happy Thanksgiving!


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