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Ducky, oil on canvas, 6"x6".  Sold.

Oh boy.  How do I explain this one?  I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that I'm a strange 'eater' and lately I seem to have developed an even stranger interest in eating food from kitschy plates, bowls,  and yes, egg cups.  This was my breakfast the other day.  As my husband ate his toast off of the cute lobster plate that I bought a little while ago, he felt that perhaps I had gone too far with 'Ducky' the egg cup.

My mother claims that she's never seen me eat a 'normal' lunch except at a restaurant when I'm forced to.  To her, a normal lunch consists of a sandwich, salad, bowl of soup...those kinds of things.  I prefer a light smattering of gravlax, with a pickle or two and perhaps a cracker with almond butter.  All on the same plate- a lobster or a sailboat plate preferably.

Off the topic of food, I should mention that I've listed two of my larger pieces 'The Maiden Voyage' and 'Dancers' on another site called 'Zatista'.  It's a website that focuses on fine art and I thought that it would be nice to feature my larger work on it.  Please take a look at my Zatista shop when you get a moment.  I'll be adding it to my website front page to make it easier to find in the next day or so.

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