Christmas Cards!

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It seems after much trial and error, we've managed to figure out our Christmas cards.  My brother (the computer expert) even flew in from Vancouver to help out.  Well, he had a few other reasons to visit, but I kidnapped him and parked him in front of photoshop and begged him to help.  After some swearing and cursing, and much wasted card stock we managed to perfect our method.  He's an airline pilot and designs iphone apps and making greeting cards almost destroyed his sanity.  I guess the things that should be simple, often are not.

I've listed some in my etsy shop, but we're waiting on more of our card stock to arrive from Texas....a little far away, so more will trickle in as supplies arrive.

SHIPPING WARNING!  We're getting closer and closer to December and that means horrible shipping delays.  Cards aren't a big problem because they can go out lettermail (5-7 days) but prints have to go out parcel method.  November 29 is actually the cut off date for small packet air to the US and most other countries to guarantee a timely Christmas delivery.  After November 29th, I have to switch my shipping method to expedited and that is more costly and will add about $5 on to the shipping.    Last year I spent most of my evenings tearing my hair out worrying about shipping, so I've decided it's likely best for everyone this year to just change the shipping method to something faster once December arrives.


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  1. How lovely! I will be keeping an eye out on your Etsy shop and blog for when the cards are available again, I missed the first batch. Your work is wonderful and I will love to share a bit of it with others.


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