Nothing Phased Norma

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Nothing Phased Norma, oil on canvas, 10"x12".  Sold.

This seems a little  'Mad Men' to me.  A little Joan Holloway.  Speaking of whom, whenever John (my husband) spies her on television, his feet start moving.    He tries to hide his interest in his face, but his twitching feet give him away.  And speaking of John, he's putting me through another round of 'Shocktoberfest' starting tonight, which means I will turn into a high functioning alcoholic in order to deal with the pulse pounding terror.  I'm really hoping this won't affect the quality of my paintings for the month.

4 Responses to “Nothing Phased Norma”

  1. She is lovely….hmmmmm. Too bad I just bout a new car this weekend and the panic of that splurge has set in.

  2. I found you through A store’s blog list. The store is Pergolina, in Toluca Lake, California. You are my new favorite artist. Do you have clothing and/or interior design background? I love your wall prints. I used to design fabric print for a ladies clothing manufacturer. Your art brings me back. I love your stuff. Now go and paint some bottles of beer! Cheers!!!


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