Happy Friday!

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I thought I would post a few cute photos of Finnegan getting up to his usual nonsense.  No, he didn't get the cake.  He came close though.   I just needed to post something lighthearted as 'Shocktoberfest' is almost killing me. Only three more evenings to get through.  What I've learned this year is to never accept a babysitting job with a family I don't know(well, that is if I babysat) because they could be Satan worshipers,  not to throw my cell phone down the laundry chute if a Bengal Tiger is loose in the house, NEVER GO SPELUNKING IN UNCHARTED CAVES IN THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS- EVER,  and avoid skiing at night because I could get left on the the ski lift and have to jump off into a pack of wolves.

I think November is payback month and I should make John watch '30 Days Of Really Good Looking Men' starting with Jensen Ackles and ending with Daniel Craig. Delightful.

8 Responses to “Happy Friday!”

  1. Finnegan is darling … but that chocolate cake is a delight to celebrate the weekend with!

  2. I came here from Amy’s blog and I’m so surprised!
    Last week I was in our local book store looking for a special card.
    My eye fell on a series of beautiful art cards. On the back was the name Janet Hill and I thought I must remember this name!

    Greetings from a very small town in the Netherlands,

  3. Not fair, that close and no cake!!! I hope he at least got some choco crumbs and a belly rub 🙂

  4. Your paintings are divine, which is why I come back again & again. But what really makes my heart smile? FINNEGAN. I absolutely <3 Finnegan.


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