The Good Governess

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The Good Governess Dress, oil on canvas, 8"x10".

My first attempt at this painting had a much more severe dress depicted.  It was black with a white collar and a thin red belt, but it kept looking like something out of the Omen.  I couldn't shake the image of Damien's nanny/governess jumping off the roof of their house yelling 'Damien,it's all for you!"  Not good.  Plus I think she was kind of evil and therefore, couldn't be the 'Good Governess'.  So, this dress is a lot cheerier, although it was hard to paint the rag doll without the creepy factor either.  What is it with toys and creepiness- or maybe it's just me?


9 Responses to “The Good Governess”

  1. This is so charming! I adore your work…it gives me the same feelings as when I look at Wayne Thiebauds cakes.

  2. How magical your work is. I spotted it on Emma Lamb’s wonderful site and had to see more… I am smitten…
    emily in Norway

  3. Sorry to add a third, but I just had to share with you the creepy factor of toys… remember the clown in Poltergeist? Or Chucky? How about It? Then there’s Talking Tina in the Twilight Zone… I have to say that it’s not just you….. okay, I’m off to see the Wizard…

    • I’m going to have nightmares tonight Corinne! And do you know what’s fast approaching???? Another October, means another ‘Shocktoberfest’. My husband has been writing down his scary picks. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it. Can’t take it.

  4. Urgh. Speaking of ‘governessi’ – I still need to find one. Back to work on the 7th, so time is a wasting…


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