Finnegan is not a natural model

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Just look at what I have to deal with sometimes.  I was trying to get some half decent photos for another painting idea that I'm working on, and Finnegan just couldn't pull it together.  If he wasn't staring out the window at the strange cats that seem to be prowling around our house, he was sneezing and burping, and dare I say what else he was doing.  It made for a very very unpleasant photo shoot.  It's bad enough that he outweighs other King Charles Spaniels by 10 pounds (yes, he is a toy breed if you can believe it), but he can't even sit still for ten minutes which is what King Charles Spaniels are basically bred to do.  Sheesh!

I'm going to try real hard to get a painting finished today.  I've got around five on the go, but nothing seems to be wrapping up.  Maybe it's summer, but I just can't quite get it together!

9 Responses to “Finnegan is not a natural model”

  1. Awh, Finnegan is adorable!! Your first photo will make a (p)awesome painting!
    He obviously adores his lovely Mamma.

  2. He is absolutely adorable! He is totally engrossed in something in that first photo. Love it. And what a great name!

  3. Finnegan is adorable! I have an almost six year old tri named Spencer. And he hats to cooperate, too. 🙂

    • I love tri-colours! If I had my way it would be a total Spaniel-fest with a good old fashioned Borzoi tossed into the mix. Unfortunately we live in a little cottage and room is an issue!

  4. anne-marie

    I agree the first picture is a painting in waiting, he looks cute and do you always look that good while painting at home ~u r classic~


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