The Poodles Adore Pastries

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The Poodles Adore Pastries, 10"x14", oil on canvas. Sold.

Thought I would end my week on a cute note.  I saw the poodle salt and pepper shakers in Be Joyful Vintage's shop and thought that they were the missing piece to a painting that had been rolling around in my head.  Strangely enough, the owner of Be Joyful Vintage just happened to be visiting the city that I live in that very day to see a play.  Talk about meant to be. So after a few quick emails she was able to drop them off personally at the bookshop. Such great service!

I don't think I mentioned earlier, but it's my husband's birthday week....yes, he seems to get a birthday week.  Not sure how that started.  So I'll be taking the rest of the week off from posting to cater to his demands.  Thankfully, they seem to be all food based and nothing that involves sports or watching his terrible 1970's Italian thriller films that he loves to haul out.  Tonight it's an Indian restaurant, which is way, waaaay better than the McDonald's picnic that we had earlier in the week.  I also have to bake a couple of cakes (long story) but I'll be able to photograph them for a painting that I have planned so all is not lost.

I hope you have a fabulous and cake filled weekend too!

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