The Maiden Voyage

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The Maiden Voyage, oil on canvas, 30"x36".  For sale on Zatista.

Well, I've finally completed this monster of a painting.  I know that 30"x36" isn't huge, but it's big for me, especially when you consider that my studio space is something like 5'x6'.  Tiny!    If you would like to get a better look at it (there's a lot going on it this piece) click on the link below and it will take you to etsy and from there, you can click on the actual painting and it will zoom in for you.

In terms of inspiration, I can't really say where or why this piece came about.  I have a thing for ships and I wanted to paint my version of the SS Normandie for quite some time, so that's how it basically started.  I'm partial to parrots too, in fact, all things nautical.  The little painting of "Sailor Jack" was tossed in on a whim, but now I feel he really makes the piece complete.  The chandelier was my own little creation and is supposed to resemble seaweed- sort of.

I'll be taking a small break from painting so that I can recharge my batteries, but I should be back next week with some slightly smaller pieces.  Oh, and I'm crossing my fingers that my print shipment will arrive before the weekend!


5 Responses to “The Maiden Voyage”

  1. Love this….You are so talented! I have a few of your etsy pieces saved in my FAVES so some day…
    Some day….Will keep coveting your lovelies and hoping my sHiP will come 🙂
    Happy Summer.

  2. your paintings are so cheerful and engaging. As an artist, I love finding other artists that I can enjoy. So much of the current artworld is comprised of “the emperor’s new clothes”.


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