The Big Cheat

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I suppose I'm a big cheater.  When faced with the task of baking two cakes, I ran out and purchased two boxes of Betty Crocker cake mixes.  Then, to make it taste homemade, I made the icing from scratch.  No one could tell that it wasn't all homemade.  I had a fun time with the photo shoot so there will be some more cake paintings in the future....

7 Responses to “The Big Cheat”

  1. Janet,
    I use cake mixes too!!! They’re great when you have to make a cake in a jiff. Congrats on the homemade icing!!!!!!

  2. I have to admit I use Betty Crocker cake mixes too. My kids love the chocolate ones and they go down a treat at parties. Hopefully know one I know in the UK will read this or my secret is out!

  3. Marvelous One,
    I am not a cake baker; no, not even box cake … but i would just about do anything for a slice of your chocolate cake right ‘about now. 😉

  4. Bevtay

    Heh. I made the girls’ cake from scratch – {stingy mommy only made carrot} but it was dry and mediocre and would’ve been better served by betty crocker. Next year…

    • Well, the good news is that they were probably too young to notice. Remember those ‘husk’ things that you dare to call ‘cookies’ seems to satisfy them. So cute! I love their stunned expressions. I’ll be sad when they learn how to have other expressions.


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