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Well, it's Friday and it appears that it will be a 'Print- Free' weekend over in my Etsy shop.   My print shipment is stuck in customs which is a nuisance especially right before the weekend.  I also won't have an original ready for today since for some inexplicable reason I took it upon myself to completely rework my office space for the past couple of days.  The photo is of a small corner in my office, which I like to refer to as the 'reading nook' which will likely never be used as such, and rather as a place for procrastinating and staring at the wall.  Speaking of procrastinating, I think I'll head off to the lovely and exciting Stratford dump to do my recycling right now.  I'll show more pictures of the new office space once all of the art that I've been buying off of etsy arrives and is framed up.  The art buying has been the fun part in this whole project, and the pinched nerve in my back from hauling boxes has been the not-so-fun part....

Happy weekend!

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  1. Janet,

    I love that pillow! What a great corner to proscrastinate, er.. read in. I look forward to seeing your newly redecorated office!


  2. Thanks! It’s actually a Martha Stewart colour. It’s not exactly green, or yellow, or brown. It’s seems to be in the middle of it all. Took ages to find….


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