Fanfare Books In Stratford

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I snapped a few photos of the bookstore today as I did my morning stroll with Finnegan.  It dawned on me that I've never shown my husband hard at work in his bookish domain.  It's an 'old school' bookshop without an espresso machine or a soap and bubble bath display and that's just how it will stay.  Personally, I don't think that the odd comfy chair would be a bad thing, but he's a book snob, and books should be read and not used as napkins for low-fat soy cappuccinos and cookie crumbs- which is something that I've been scolded about on a number of occasions.

I was doing my best to ham it up to the camera but I don't think that came across...he just looks kind of weary but he claims that's just his natural expression.

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  1. Good for him – keeping the books in the bookshop and keeping them totally separate from a coffee shop. Nice looking shop. (from a librarian)

  2. Bruce Barber

    Not to mention that he sells excellent books by me 🙂 (And other fine authors, too, of course!

    • That’s right, although, John says that he has to do a big ‘Song And Dance’ to move your books…..just kidding! More like Teddy Payne’s….just kidding!

  3. Why didn’t someone tell me a long time ago that books were not used as napkins for low-fat soy cappuccinos and cookie crumbs, because, that’s what I use them for, of course, after I read them!
    You both make such a beautiful couple. You compliment each other really well and of course, Finnegan adds “that” cherry on the sundae! Now, there’s a picture of charm!
    Thanks for sharing with us. It’s nice to get a glimmer of a charmed life of someone we all care about so much. Have a splendid weekend with you lovely family…

  4. I would love to peruse inside this beautiful bookshop. I cannot avoid to stop by if I see a nice bookshop even if now we can shop on internet. Nothing will replace the pleasure to browse a book, the pleasure of the contact with the book, with the paper…

    I take the opportunity to tell you that I like very much your artworks, your style very personal.

  5. Hi, lovely bookshop! I think one of your beautiful prints (i.e. Paige reads…) would add just a little more charm to the place.

    Lovely doggie too! 🙂

  6. Sydney

    What a beautiful bookstore! Janet, I adore your paintings, I want them all! I used to paint, but you’ve inspired me to start painting again. So thank you!

  7. Quite agree about a bookshop being a bookshop (no coffee) but comfy chairs and benches and stools would be nice.


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