Wine And Roses

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I wanted to mention that I likely won't have a new painting ready for a couple of days.  I seem to be a little discombobulated after the busy weekend and need to get back in the groove.  Until then, I'll just have a glass or two of red wine and enjoy the rapidly fading beauty of these roses.   Oh, and more prints should be arriving on Wednesday and I've ordered extra of the much requested 'Hedgehog and the Pincushion' painting.  Should I be painting more hedgehogs?

7 Responses to “Wine And Roses”

  1. I just found you via the Bright Side Project giveaway and I am thrilled. Your art is stunning. I’m so excited to have “discovered” another wonderful place in the blog world. I guess I just wanted to say hello.

  2. Donna

    Yes, more hedgehogs but also the colours in the painting were beautiful. I especially loved the detail of the wallpaper

  3. More pincushions!

    I loved the sewing related bits in that painting and would love to see more!



  4. You know this is getting ridiculous….can we just swap studios for a week??? Hedgehogs, flowers, pretty dresses I am so jealous you get to paint these things all day long:)

    Have a good few days off, am still painting skulls but up next am hoping to paint some flowers too I hope!!

  5. No…I think its a baboon skull, have used it before in a couple of paintings. Trying to also paint small works, so hard, I feel so clumsy LOL!

  6. Just had a look at your hedgehog painting and I love it! In Italy, hedgehogs are good luck charms, but they are so cute, who could resist them? Hoping you will paint more hedgehogs.


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