The Wild West

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The Wild West, oil on canvas, 12"x16".  Sold.

I think the owner of this lovely country house might consider pest control.  I've been watching some Deadwood episodes which of course in no way really reflects in this painting, except for the coffee pot and mugs, but it's there....sort of in the most sweet, tame, pretty way possible.  I thought it was best to leave the saloon and the 'ladies of the night' out from the painting....this time.

3 Responses to “The Wild West”

  1. Precious One,
    I love how you incorporate books into most of your paintings. To me it is sort of an “ode to your husband” kinda’ thing. I find it very endearing and special, as if you always bring a part of him into your paintings.
    Gracefully Yours
    T x x x

    • Thanks Thea! It’s kind of hard to not paint books when it’s all I ever see around me. I think every day he brings home a new book. Last summer we had an empty bookcase (a good sized one) and within a month, he managed to sneak in enough books to fill it completely. Crazy book-loving man.

  2. Hi Darling, it means he is definitely in the right career if he is so passionate about books!
    Not many people can say that about their jobs. 😉 That’s so wonderful! x x x


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