The Blonde, The Brunette, And The Redhead

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My girlfriends are going to kill me for posting this, as I think we've had a 'few', but I thought it was appropriate in order to celebrate the dawn of patio 'cocktail season' in Canada. We get so few lovely days when we can sip kir royals outside without a hail storm, tornado, or blizzard in the early spring interfering.  One needs to celebrate this.

Anyway, the main point of this post was to mention that my new batch of  prints have arrived, and I'm slowly listing them in my etsy's been a crazy week thanks to the recent feature in Design Sponge, so I'm moving slowly, but I'll get them all up on Friday- including special requests.

On a separate I look like Delta Burke in this photo?

7 Responses to “The Blonde, The Brunette, And The Redhead”

  1. A beautiful and exotic young Delta Burke! You are much prettier, my dear. I will have to try sipping Kir Royals and let you know… In the meantime, I look forward to your new prints…

  2. Oh Janet you look alot better than Delta Burke! It a great pic of you and your friends. Should have called me I would have drove down to meet you on the outdoor patio. Anytime….I love your area.

  3. What great fun for the three of you. Hang on to this photo, maybe frame it so it’ll be around for those not-so-great days…would make a darling painting.

  4. Though I do love Delta and adored her on “Designing Women”, you look nothing like her. Perhaps in her skinnier pretteier days there could be some resemblance, but you are much prettier 🙂

  5. Heh heh, well, I was a big fan of Designing Women myself. For a couple of years I wanted to become an interior designer until I realized that line of work required much more patience and compromise than what I was capable of! Instead, I paint swan cake paintings.

  6. Hiya Luv! that is cute! c’est nous! we must do this again very very soon… I like that patio…


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