The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs ‘Prim’ and ‘Proper’

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The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs 'Prim' and 'Proper', oil on canvas, 16"x20".  Sold.

I think that 'Prim' is likely the poodle, and 'Proper'  is the dalmatian.

It's been a week of larger paintings, so next week I'll likely work on  a few smaller ones as these bigger ones tend to exhaust me and make me kind of spacey.

11 Responses to “The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs ‘Prim’ and ‘Proper’”

  1. It would interesting to know Janet where you get your painting names from, they always sound like there is a story there. Love the dog names too. Have a restful weekend.

    • Maybe I could write little short stories to go with the paintings as they certainly do seem to be taking on a life of their own. I suspect these two ladies come from money- but strange money, and dispose of their boyfriends on a regular basis. The blonde one maybe likes to race boats, drink bourbon and wants to be an astronaut, while the redhead designs her own clothes and is campaigning to be a senator.
      Something like that?

  2. Janet…love these!! The colors are so vibrant and the picture so fun! Takes you back to a different era…love the doggies! I know I have said many times before, but your work and talent is amazing!!!

    Hugs friend,

  3. Hi Janet, the Fontaine Sisters remind me of Olivia De Haviland and Joan Fontaine who are real sisters. I love this picture so much, I wish that my fingers would have been a little quicker!
    Lucky buy…


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