Lady Gertrude’s Decadent Brunch With Flora And Fauna

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Lady Gertrude's Decadent Brunch With Flora And Fauna, 24"x36", oil on canvas. Sold.

I think it's fair to say that I kind went 'all out' on this one.  Whew.....Oh and yes, this is the large work that I was talking about.  It's the largest piece that I've ever posted on etsy.

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  1. My love, IF I but had the $$ I would buy this piece today. I’m so happy you did a larger piece. It’s fabulous. You are so talented and have a wonderful style all your own. I can just visualize this large canvas in my kitchen/breakfast room. So so nice. xxooxx’s Marsha

  2. Hi Janet

    This is truly fabulous. I have had such a bad day today – everything going wrong, and this has just lifted me out of it all. You have such amazing creativity – it’s inspirational. Thanks for brightening my day! Lucky person who gets this! best wishes Jane

  3. So beautiful!! Congrats on this larger work, and also too for it being already sold? I just checked out your Estsy link and it said it was sold…..great news!!

  4. This is so beautiful and filled with happiness and whimsy- a truly successful painting. I too, would purchase it if I had the money.

  5. I believe I know Lady Gertrude… She uses rouge, not blush. She wears delicious drippy bejeweled earrings. Life is a cornucopia and a smorgasboard for her~ plenty of everything. She’s exuberant in her living, yet oddly pragmatic. She has a childlike innocence. In terms of money- she doesn’t have it all. But she has a gift for enjoying every tidbit of life~ and that makes her rich and rare and a true friend to have. Could she be the same Lady Gertrude as your’s?
    Love the painting! Good luck!

  6. What a lovely piece! Congratulations on creating another marvel!
    I, however, have to follow my heart here in stating that I so do love your smaller paintings:
    small paintings can add drama and impact any room,
    it acts as an element of surprise in its beauty and simplicity,
    as an art collector space is at a premium in our home, so smaller paintings ensure a bigger collection, and then off course…
    for the simple reason that I can afford your smaller pieces. 🙂

    Anyhow, Small or big I love ALL your work!
    Graciously Yours!

  7. Oh, I’m so glad you shared all the photos with the tiny details…the eggs in the birds nest and the pears on the plate…it is gorgeous Janet!


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