Cake Display Case

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Cake Display Case, oil on paper, 5"x7". Sold.

I didn't have time to finish a painting on canvas today and likely I'm going to have some difficulty over the next month or so producing original work on a consistent basis.  I've taken on some more 'commercial' work....hate that word, but I don't know what else to call it.  So, I'll try and post  two or three originals at least a week on etsy, but they may appear at odd times.  If you are interested in original work, likely the best method to keep an eye on what comes up is to either subscribe to my blog, or keep an eye on it.

It's pretty exciting  to have new opportunities occurring as a painter,  but  the amount of extra work that it involves is a little scary, and it doesn't seem to include much time with my paintbrush so please be patient with me!

10 Responses to “Cake Display Case”

  1. Lovely Janet,
    Congratulations on the new opportunity – how exciting!
    Please keep us update on the new challenges you are dealing with and please don’t forget us … We ADORE you and your work!
    Joyfully yours

  2. Hi Janet,

    This painting of the cakes reminds me of another I thought I saw on your site of small cakes and cookies on shop display shelves. I remember maccaroons in the lower corner 🙂

    I went to look for it again in your blog archives, but can’t find it now. (As I can’t seem quick enough to buy these paintings, I love to go back and look at them). It wasn’t from very long ago, perhaps about a month? I was meaning to ask you about it, wondering if I had dreamed it and you never had such a painting at all?

    Wishing you the best for your new opportunities!


  3. This is absolutely yummy. And, beautiful too. I love your work. As we progress along the road of success we always deride things which take us away from what we really really really want to do. However, because a girl has to eat, this is just the part of “growing” that we must do and understand. Our clients/patrons will always wait for us…don’t worry. As a woman old enough to be your mother, I’m just passing along information which I, myself, had to learn. XXOOXX’s Marsha

  4. Well done on your continuing success. You deserve it. I’m a bit behind this week and only just saw this latest one of yours now – lovely colours and composition as always. Don’t you get tempted by painting all those lovely cakes? – the chocolate one looks irresistable!


  5. Sorry – that should read irresistible! – whatever, your work is very gorgeous, and I’m still very pleased with the original I own! Jane

  6. Hi Janet,

    I love the fairy cakes, too, but no, that wasn’t it. It was an assortment of small cakes or cookies on trays such as in a cake store window. Very closely cropped, filling the frame. Well, if it existed or not, it was lovely.

    Thanks for your work. It’s such an enjoyment to look at it.

    Best for now,


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