Butterfly Dresses

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Butterfly Dresses, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.

I think this piece came out of my deep 'Winter Despair'.  I know I shouldn't complain because here in Ontario, we haven't had it so bad this year, but I'm so tired of putting my winter coat and boots on every time I leave the house.  Bring on summer...or at least spring...a thaw... or maybe a tiny snowdrop?

I should warn everyone that I've got a big canvas coming up.  I receive a number of emails from buyers wondering why I don't do larger work, so I've got a big piece that is almost complete and will likely rear its head next week.  Oh, and I should also warn everyone that I watched 'Mommie Dearest' today- you remember, the one about Joan Crawford staring Faye Dunaway.  So one can only imagine how that is going to influence my work for the next couple of weeks.  Shoulder pads?  Big eyebrows?  Rage? And a closet full of wire hangers?  We shall see.....

4 Responses to “Butterfly Dresses”

  1. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! Goodness, I developed a real distaste of wire hangers after that movie and the eyebrows were a bit haunting too. I know that your presentation of that era will be charming and eyebrows, tastefully done. Can’t hardly wait for that BIG piece that you’ll be presenting us with, next week… (drum roll, please)

  2. WOW! What beautiful paintings!! Have only just recently discovered you work, am also an artist but envy your style of work as its so different from mine. I look forward to seeing your big painting soon!
    Best wishes
    VR 🙂


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