Is That A Table?

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Lemonade, Lemon Meringue Pie, And Cherry Tarts, 5"x7" original oil painting on paper.

So, I really don't have anything but this little oil on paper for listing today.  I didn't want to list it at my normal 7pm time because that is when I list my paintings on canvas, and I don't want to confuse everyone.  Basically, it's been a super stressful few days as I've been dealing with the more  business/commercial side of what I do.  It's been worth it, but a little exhausting and I don't handle stress of any kind particularly well.....I think I need a business manager and a BIG cocktail.

Anyway, I was busy working on a painting on canvas for listing this evening when my husband came home and squinted at the piece and asked 'Is that a table'?  It's not good when you can't tell if I've painted a table or not.  In truth, it looked like a horse.  That's what happens when you paint and stare out the window like a space cadet.  So, I tossed it  aside in favour of  exercising 'quality control'.  I'm taking tomorrow off too just get my bearings back so I'll return on Wednesday and Friday  with paintings that don't look like a horse-tables.

I promise.


4 Responses to “Is That A Table?”

  1. I think the business end is what all artist’s hate. I’m sure you just want to paint and create, but yet you actually have to make money and sell. Hopefully you’ll get the cocktail AND a business person:)

  2. Husbands eh?! Well, I think you deserve to take a day off every now and then – Enjoy it! Maybe when you come back you can really paint a horse in one of your pictures! Let me know first if you do that! I’d be very interested – even if it was a wooden rocking horse!


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