Lady Cecile And Her Spaniels

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Lady Cecile And Her Spaniels, 10"x12", oil on canvas. Sold.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before I squeezed  a couple of King Charles Spaniels into a painting.  I was going to title the painting 'Lady Cecile with Beauregard Duncan and Finnegan Elliott', but I thought that might be too crazy.   It seems appropriate that King Charles Spaniels have middle names though.  Maybe it's because of their fancy pedigree, or perhaps any animal who's fur coat is referred to as 'feathers, ruffles, wings, and skirts'  should have more than just one name.

Finnegan (the red and white one) is actually my own dog (skinny arms and all), but Beauregard is  fictional.  Oh, and so is Lady Cecile... Just so you know.....

5 Responses to “Lady Cecile And Her Spaniels”

  1. Oh, go ahead and call it that, Janet…it would be sort of Vivienne Strauss'”esque”….;) I love the colors in this one..the pine green and turquoise blue….and how the owners face takes on the same look as her pets faces…they say this happens over time! Happy 2010 to You and Yours!

    • I think I am starting to look like Finnegan. We both have big eyes and silly expressions……Happy new year to you too Luann!

  2. I’ve just discovered your beautiful work. I love this painting of the Cavaliers. I have a tri-color named Violet. Unfortunately, our Blenheim, named Oliver, had to be put to sleep last year. And, we have a Golden Retriever named Beauregard (Beau). I also love your room paintings.


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