Constance Waits For Her Ship To Come In

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Constance Waits For Her Ship To Come In, oil on canvas, 8"x10". Sold.

My husband took one look at this and said 'Aren't you borrowing a little from Vivienne  Strauss a little on this one?'  He's probably right as I've been browsing her etsy store quite a bit these days.  So my apologies for the similarities, but sometimes other artists inspire me.    Plus, I've plugged her fantastic work and I own a couple of her paintings, so hopefully she won't be too offended.


3 Responses to “Constance Waits For Her Ship To Come In”

  1. This reminds me of Catherine Denueve in the Louis Vuitton ads -waiting at the station perched on a steamer trunk. So old world and lovely.

  2. Beautiful painting! I’m completely flattered that your husband thinks you “borrowed” from me 😀 We can’t help but be influenced by things we look at. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Vivienne- I’m glad to hear that your not bothered! Oh, and my friend Karen bought a lovely illustration/painting from you for my birthday. I love it- I’ve forgotten the name of it, and it’s at the framers right now, but it’s a woman in front of a curly wrought iron fence and she’s showing off her new frock. Love it.


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