Christmas Holidays etc….

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Before I get weighed down in Christmas chores, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a fabulous holiday season, and thank everyone who has supported me in so many ways over the past year.  It certainly went by  fast!  I also wanted to mention a few upcoming changes to posting and my etsy shop.  First off, tonight is my last painting until Monday December 28th.  Tomorrow, I'll be shipping out paintings and prints and cards instead of Thursday, as it looks like Thursday will be swallowed up by all of the things that I have put off doing over the past month which is kind of a lot.

If you have looked in my etsy shop lately, you have probably noticed that it's pretty bare which is because in the new year, I'm switching my reproductions to be strictly giclee prints, and most of the new images will be limited edition prints in fairly small runs.   I decided to go this route because of the large body of work that I've produced over the past year, and trying to reproduce all my images all the time is really time consuming.  I tend to find myself spending an enormous amount of time shipping and emailing, and biting my nails over packages that go astray (don't worry...they do turn up).

And speaking of reproductions.....  Starting in January, quite a number of my images will be available through The Art Group in the form of cards and wall art. The Art Group has worldwide distribution which basically means that you might be seeing more of my work around - possibly even in your local shops.  Hopefully that's a good thing.  I'll provide some photos and more links as to how to buy them in the new year.

Oh, and yes, that owl is an Anthropologie ornament.  I  call him 'Giles'.

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  1. Lots of exciting things going on. Your giclee prints are really beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.

    Happy Holidays!


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