Still Life With Olives And Vinegar

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Still Life With Olives And Vinegar, oil on canvas, 16"x20". Sold.

This is a larger painting (hence the price) of a Spanish inspired still-life with a jar of olives, cans of tuna and sardines (yum yum), and a bottle of balsamic vinegar. I love doing still-life pieces, although the term 'Still-Life' seems to send shivers down my spine thanks to too many still-life drawing classes when I was in grade nine. I swear my art teacher would troll garage sales and seek out the ugliest vases, fake fruit, and discarded dish cloths for the class to paint. I found myself too distracted by the mystery stains on everything to actually paint anything. I was also troubled by the fact that if the actual still life was unsightly, then what was the likelihood of the painting looking attractive?

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