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Astrid, oil on canvas, 9"x12". Sold.

I have a thing for painting 'uncommonly attractive' women. They're never quite typically beautiful (because that's boring), but interesting to look at. I think Astrid here fits into that profile. I'm hoping to have a 'surprise original painting post' on etsy this Sunday, so please keep an eye out!

6 Responses to “Astrid”

  1. I keep missing out on the paintings but thank you for my prints I absolutely adore them and cant wait to frame them xx

  2. Beautiful. I just love the paintings you do of women. And the dresses… oh, the dresses! 🙂

  3. Will this be offered as a print? I've had my eye on a few other prints, but this one looks a lot like my grandmother in the old photos I have of her!

  4. Janet Hill

    Yes, it's pretty likely that it will be offered as a print, I just have to retake the photo to get more detail in.


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