A Good Morning…

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A good morning is when a chair that you really can't afford shows up on your front doorstep and you charge it to your husband's credit card.

I'm rationalizing it by the fact that I turned 35 a few weeks ago and needed to celebrate it with a piece of new furniture.  Also, most of the 'good' furniture in the house is actually my husband's- I had the house, he had the furniture, so at least I can claim this piece- well, sort of.

Now, if I can just stop my girlfriends from sloshing red wine all over it for at least a month...

8 Responses to “A Good Morning…”

  1. Can’t wait to see it. Looks beautiful. Promise not to spill my red wine.

  2. Very nice chair. I’m sure you will get a lot of joy from not only sitting on it but admiring it!

  3. Shweet! This is a great piece that enhances any decor and brings a feel of richness and style to any room. How elegant without the “grandma” feel. Not that there is anything wrong with a grandmother’s touch. I love my Grandmama, but this piece is superbly stylish without the bells and whistles. Lovely choice!

  4. Thanks Corinne! I like to keep the ‘grandma’ out of my home decor. I may drive like a grandma, but not decorate like one- well, not yet!

  5. HAHA! That chair is so lovely, and for what it is worth, I also just hit 35 last week and I asked my husband for one of your original paintings as a gift. Needless to say, he couldn’t do it because he claimed they were always sold by the time he checked, so it is up to me to acquire one some day myself. Long story short….I have learned that in order to get what you want for your birthday, you have to do it yourself! And oh yeah…beware of red wine…it got sloshed all over my new dining room rug that was only hours old at our last dinner party.


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