Fan Ladies

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Fan Ladies, oil on canvas,12"x16". For sale on etsy.

I had a few 'issues' with this one tonight. It's not a good photo-mainly because the light is changing, and the usual spot where I photograph from is getting pretty dark a lot earlier. So I'll retake the photo tomorrow in proper daylight. There's a lot more detail, and it's not quite as dark (or grainy) as in the photo. Oh well. Oh, and I'm not exactly slacking lately, I know that I've only been posting singles nightly, it's just that for some reason, my latest paintings are requiring more work, so there may be a surprise post on Thursday. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW PAINTING ON ETSY.

3 Responses to “Fan Ladies”

  1. Frollein von Sofa

    It's just perfect !I love the colours and the delicate lace on the dress. I could look at your paintings for hours….I was wondering how long it takes you to do one painting…lights and shadows are so real in your paintings, it's unbelievable !

  2. Janet Hill

    Thank you! I usually work on about five or six paintings at a time, so it's kind of hard to figure out exactly how much time I spend on each one but I would say, that this one likely took around five to six hours.

  3. Hello – loved this post. In fact, I love your whole blog. Thanks so much for sharing it & best wishes to you ….


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