Vera Reads A Greek Tragedy

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Vera Reads A Greek Tragedy, 11"x14". Sold.

I have a thing for old fashioned names- and I'm rather pleased that they seem to be coming back in fashion. I'm not sure if I mentioned that my friend Bev had identical twin girls a couple of weeks ago called them Bronwyn and Norah. Quite pretty. It's a good thing I'm not having children because I would never be able to narrow it down. I would likely come up with a ridiculous small paragraph of a name and be resented by my child for the rest of her/his life.

7 Responses to “Vera Reads A Greek Tragedy”

  1. Peter Lynn

    Not having children? But it would be a shame to not pass on "the beauty gene"!

  2. Janet Hill

    Oh don't worry Peter, my nieces and my cousin seem to have the 'beauty gene'. It still lives on…..

  3. Corinne Gomez

    But you do have your babies! Finnegan and your kitty… Although they don't bear a resemblance to you or your hubby, they are cuties…
    You are quite striking, so I can see what your fans mean upon you not passing on that beauty gene…
    Love the painting and title…

  4. Janet Hill

    Thanks Corinne! Although, I often say that Finnegan has my husband's sad expression and my eyes. The rest well I guess came from his 'birth parents'.


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