Dorothy In Aberdeen

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Dorothy In Aberdeen, oil on canvas, 11"x14". Sold.

I have no idea where my titles come from- this one seems particularly weird. Weird, but somehow fitting?

I just want to mention again that because of crazy CRAZY humidity, it's taking a little longer for my paintings to dry. I'm doing everything that I can to speed up the process and get them out to my buyers asap, but I don't want to send them out wet or sticky. So if you have purchased a painting or are thinking of purchasing a painting please note that there will likely be a delay in shipping because of this.

3 Responses to “Dorothy In Aberdeen”

  1. Corinne Gomez

    The titles that you give your paintings are quirky and interesting… it adds to the charm!
    By the way, I'm impressed with how well you package and send your paintings. I have never seen such perfect wrapping in my life! You put Perolator to shame… LOL
    Thanks for making sure that the paintings are completely dry before sending. You'll get no complaints from me, as I'm too happy just getting your artwork on my walls! Thanks for the considerations…

  2. Dorothy is very glamorous, I think she is waiting for her lover in an Aberdeen Hotel- I watch too many old films!

  3. Janet Hill

    So do I. Maybe that explains some of my titles.

    And thanks Corinne! Packing up paintings is an interesting job- and it's time consuming. It will be the first job I will be surrendering when I hire my husband on.


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