The Upside Of A Breakdown

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I truly feel that one of the upsides of a breakdown is pretty flowers. On Friday my husband's response to my high pitched shrieking phone call was to run home with some much needed pretty flowers. I must say, I'm feeling a whole lot better thanks to everyone's wonderful comments, emails, and great advice. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I've worked out some new polices that I should have figured out a long time ago, but I feel I was always scrambling to keep on top of things and I never had the opportunity to figure out how to make things work better. I've pretty much outlined it on my etsy store front page but I will be posting originals three days a week- Mon, Tues, and Wednesday at 7pm eastern standard time. Usually, there will be more than one painting listed on those days, with exception of this week, as I have to do some catch-up work. I will only have one shipping day a week which will be Thursday. In addition, because I receive many emails throughout the week asking me how to get an original, I will be dusting off my old ebay account to list some of my larger work, and hopefully, that will satisfy some of my buyers who are getting frustrated at never getting the opportunity to buy an original. I'll post the ebay painting on my blog- just like I do with my etsy ones, and link it to my ebay shop (Thanks Lara and Jennifer for reminding me about the glories of ebay). Hopefully that works for everyone! And again, thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts, words, suggestions, and support.

6 Responses to “The Upside Of A Breakdown”

  1. What beautiful Flowers! I'm so glad you have a plan. That is the best way to make things go smoother!
    I will still be watching!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. LindaSonia

    So happy that you worked things out to keep your sanity. You first – us second. This ensures we will never be without your glorious creations.

    Be well. We appreciate you dearly.


  3. Farmgirl Paints

    I'm sure you are just experiencing growing pains. You are such an extraordinary talent…those were sure to come. Looks like you are figuring it out:)

    I am so inspired by your work!!

  4. Lara Harris

    Your very welcome :o)…not so sure about the glories of ebay, it definitely is a roller coaster on there, but I reckon you will get quite a number of bids on your work!You may even consider putting some prints on there and seeing how much they go for!

  5. kibbygirl

    I think we are all just happy to have you creating and painting.. however that works best for you. I love checking the blog to see what you have done. Keep it up!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you worked things out so they are better for you! Your sanity always has to come first. 🙂 Isn't it nice to know there are so many people in the world touched by the beauty you add to it? I am looking forward to seeing some of your work on ebay. Good luck and continued good wishes!


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