The Bellini Party

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4 Responses to “The Bellini Party”

  1. Jennifer Roberts

    I was waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Because I loved yesterday's painting and wanted more since somebody else got "Fairy Lights." So I click the purchase button the moment "The Bellini Party" is on etsy. And then the beautiful painting is Gone! Sold to someone else. I am sad, sad, sad tonight. I need lots of hugs from my three and five year old girls to feel better. We love your work. I will be waiting, waiting, waiting, again and again and again on many other days. – Jennifer

  2. Janet Hill

    I'm sorry Jennifer. It seems to be getting pretty competitive lately. My computer died right before listing it, which caused a delay in getting it up. It will end up as a print I'm sure, and as you know, more originals are on the way!

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, it's pretty frustrating to try to purchase your work now. Why not put a bunch up at once so that others have a chance to acquire these pieces? Any piece at all?

  4. Janet Hill

    The trouble on my end is producing enough work. I work on a piece almost daily and when I'm finished it, I then list it. I literally have nothing available other than what I finish that same day. If I had extra pieces, I would put them up for sale immediately, but I don't. I just have the prints.


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