Penelope’s Bedroom

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5 Responses to “Penelope’s Bedroom”

  1. Au Petit Paris

    Hello Janet,

    I just recently purchased two prints from your Etsy shop. Your work is wonderfully enchanting and has a dreamy quality to it. I especially love the last painting, Parisian shopping. Of course, all of your painting are lovely.

    I noticed on your profile that your birthday is October 1st. Mine is October 2nd.

    I would like to add you to my blog favorites if that is okay with you?

    Kind Regards,


  2. Janet Hill

    Yay! We are both Libras. Feel free to add me to your blog favorites. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi,, I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your art. Its just beautiful! I will visit your etsy shop too 🙂

    How funny, my birthday is Oct 7th. lol

    Happy creating,, gail

  4. Design Esquire

    Ha! My birthday is October 2nd, and I too love your paintings. Thanks for all your beautiful work, Janet. I love looking at your paintings whether I buy the painting or not!

  5. Corinne Gomez

    Glad that you took some time off… relaxing gives our "batteries" a chance to charge, especially Librans.
    I am eager to see the new painting!
    BTW, I have twin sons born October 1st and a daughter born September 28th… Libras! Loving, kind and brilliant!


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