Original Oil Paintings

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I just thought I should mention that lately my oil paintings have been taking a little longer than usual to dry thanks to humidity- especially my paintings with green paint. For some reason, the green paint has slower dryers in it. So if you have purchased a painting in the past few weeks and are wondering where it is- it is either on it's way, or it's stuck in my studio slowly drying. It is a nuisance, I know. I just would rather hold them a little longer and ship them out when I don't run the risk of smearing paint around on the packing tissue. Thank you for your patience!

3 Responses to “Original Oil Paintings”

  1. Corinne Gomez

    Okay, Dearest, this is really scarry, as I just went to your Etsy site and found "0" items for sale… I think that the weekend of "chilling out" will do you a great deal of good and you will have a clear plan as to what will work best for you…
    Have a splendid and peaceful weekend…

  2. Oh, I do hope you sell more prints on etsy after your break. I absolutely love your work and there were several I wanted to purchase. 🙂

  3. cindyjones

    Hey Janet,
    You certainly deserve a break. I live in South Carolina and my daughter lives in Texas. We try to get on the phone and computer together to buy your beautiful originals. Your paintings make me smile. Your plan sounds great and we look forward to seeing your prints and originals on your new schedule. Hope you enjoyed your flowers.
    Take care,
    Mom (Cindy) and Jamie


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