Alice Wears Red Lipstick

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Alice Wears Red Lipstick, oil on canvas, 8"x10. Sold.

I think that tomorrow I'll be able to post at my normal 7pm est. This 'Birthday Week' of my husband's creation has been extremely trying on the nerves and my pocket book. I've woken up with hangovers, foodovers, and other maladies that no one should ever have to go through. On top of all this excitement, one of my good friends is having twins as I write this. I assume that means more hangovers, foodovers and other maladies. I will likely be taking the weekend off to visit her and the tiny tots in Toronto.

4 Responses to “Alice Wears Red Lipstick”

  1. fifiandlulu

    Hahaha that was a hillarious post…Try to relax in Toronto! Smiles to ya, Luann

  2. A Gift Wrapped Life

    One of your most gorgeous, something about the colour tones, the red hair and band. Though maybe I am partial to redheads as my son is one. Beautiful Janet.

  3. AnnaVallance

    What a wonderful idea – a whole Birthday Week to celebrate. Enjoy because who knows when it may happen again.


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