Thursday Morning

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11 Responses to “Thursday Morning”

  1. Chelsea

    Oh, they're adorable! My Mum loves cavaliers… any chance of a painting with one?

  2. Janet Hill

    Well, you never know. One day I may decide to plunk a little Cavalier in a painting.

  3. A Gift Wrapped Life

    It's been raining non-stop all day here, I tried 3 times to cycle and finally gave up! And I had a really good mileage groove going this week too. Oh well, no summmer here in Ontario this year it appears….but I do love your dogs and the red door if that helps.

  4. Eileen

    I love your entry. You should paint that!
    'love both doors, but especially the screen door.
    Your pets are really cute too!

  5. Janet Hill

    Maybe I should paint my entry. It just never seems as exciting to paint my own house.
    I should mention that this photo was taken right after one of their 'Clash Of The Titans' slapfest. They get up on their hind legs and stand about three inches from each other and slap each other in the face over and over and over again.

  6. Moonspinner

    That's hilarious, the garbage truck is their little highlight, so cute.

  7. Good morning Janet! Just found your Etsy shop and blog over at Hooked on Houses. I would like to buy the beautiful little kitchen painting but am having trouble signing in to my Etsy account!
    PLEASE save it for me! I'll keep trying!

  8. Porch Days

    Some days don't go the way we plan! I really like your paintings. My sister got the painting ability and I went toward interior design, photography and crafts. Wish I could paint though (and sing). Amazing how things run in families. My three sons can sing.


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