The Party

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9 Responses to “The Party”

  1. Valaine

    Where do you get your references? Do you make them up, go to people’s homes, magazines or do you set them up yourself? I’m really curious because I am lovin’ your beautiful paintings! They are outstandingly wonderful and colorful and delicious 🙂 But do you paint from your imagination or do you look at something?

  2. Janet Hill

    What I usually do is figure out a theme when I’m walking my dog in the morning then run around looking for reference material. I have piles and piles of magazines and books and I flip around until I find the right set up (for perspective reasons) then I lay it out. The colours and the content come from my imagination and are often inspired from either movies that I’ve watched or blog posts from designers, stylists, etc.
    It just sort of all rolls together into a painting.

  3. Little Miss Baker

    Janet! You’re work is tres chic! I LOVE it. Especially the cupcake and cake one. You are such an inspiration and I wish I was in my kitchen right now instead of my stuffy office job. So glad I found your site today! Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. jane voisin

    I just discovered your work and I absolutely love it. You made my day! Can you give me an idea of how much you sell your paintings for? Thank you!

  5. starrybluesky

    I just love the palette and mood of this one 🙂

  6. Valaine

    Janet, thank you for answering me 🙂 I really love your work and am inspired by your creativity and brilliant colors you choose!

  7. Janet Hill

    I’ve ordered a print of it and should arrive on Friday. Let’s hope that it worked out!

  8. Futurowoman

    oh my! I just discovered your beautiful work via Decor8, and I cannot wait to try to buy one of your originals some day! In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be ordering some prints soon. I just have to decide on which ones I can’t live without 🙂


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