A Little Para Publicity

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9 Responses to “A Little Para Publicity”

  1. AnnaVallance

    That is so wonderful for you. The picture is great-it just looks like you are wearing a painting smock.

  2. A Gift Wrapped Life

    Congratulations on the publicity, it’s a great photo of you, you look like an artist!

  3. futurowoman

    You look great, don’t worry! I love that color, too. I’m currently trying to help my mother select colors for her home exterior, and I am also hoping to make the door a focal point with an otherwise tasteful, subtle overall scheme.

  4. LoveLipstickandLime

    Congratulations and what a great photo of you. You are stunning!! Go fellow cannuck! xxNadia

  5. Jenn Duivenvoorde

    Janet, you look fabulous. I the article, congratulations on all that you are and do!!!

  6. Kate Coveny Hood

    That’s fantastic. I think that you are a great “face” for paint adverts. Your work is so full of light and color. And then, of course, you’re kind of a babe.

  7. Janet Hill

    Well, my husband would have preferred something a little less smocky- in fact, he thought that I should wear something low cut, or tight, and use a Nigella approach to selling my work. I had to explain that most of my buyers are women and it likely wouldn’t work.
    Of course, a lot of women buy Nigella’s cookbooks….

  8. Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

    How wonderful for you, Janet. Don’t worry, what you have on in the photo is pretty well my summer uniform 😉

    Thanks again for letting me introduce my readers to your paintings, they loved you!

    Hope all is well in your little part of Ontario.


  9. Corinne Gomez

    What you chose to wear is perfect! You look very “salt of the earth” and like the artist that you are. You don’t look like your’e expecting, you look polished, casual and unique.
    In fact, my daughters commented that you look quite lovely.
    Well deserved publicity shot! Congrats!
    Love the red door!


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