Pink Icing

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4 Responses to “Pink Icing”

  1. Katherine

    oh my, i just discovered your blog and i want to LIVE in your paintings! So so beautiful!

  2. Room Service ~ Decorating 101

    This is the strangest thing… your blog just popped up on my computer! I was not trying in anyway to find you , I did not know anything about you, but it is wonderful! So glad it did and it has never happened before.. I think we are suppose to know each other.

  3. Janet Hill

    That’s really interesting how my blog popped up on your computer. Must have been fate!

  4. Tankar från Routern:

    OH! I know! I fiddle too much too when painting back here in Sweden! I wish there was someone to rent to say “stop” when I start fiddling/overworking my paintings! Greetings from Sweden in a “pre-springtime mood..”


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