Winter Solace

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8 Responses to “Winter Solace”

  1. I cannot believe how quickly this one went. I thought it was mine… but alas didn’t checkout quickly enough. Sigh. it’s gorgeous; someone is very lucky :)I love the blues and the formality of the room coupled with the fun of the cakes!

  2. Janet Hill

    Thanks Julia! This one was a little difficult. Something about it kept bothering me but when I put the round mirror in the middle it seemed to connect all the parts.

  3. here i am back looking at it again… that’s so interesting about the mirror bringing it together. it’s so perfectly composed to me– love the symmetry of the room elements (the windows, mirror, pendants, and fabric) and again how that contrasts with the cakes and fruit on the table. really lovely. 🙂

    i also love the title. just what we need in the dark days of mid february– a beautiful table spread with treats.

  4. Janet Hill

    Trying to. Then John came home with a huge box of Valentine’s chocolate. Oh dear.
    To compensate I’ve been walking my dog further and further. I almost got lost the other day.
    This insanity has to stop!

  5. Janet, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this comment, so feel free to move it, but I just received the four cards I purchased from you and I have to tell you that I am so impressed. They are absolutely gorgeous. To be honest, I had planned on using them as note cards…but now that they are in my hands I think that I will have to frame them – they are little works of art themselves…

    I am so looking forward to more of your cake paintings too!!!

  6. Janet Hill

    Hi Christy,

    I’m so glad that you like your cards! There will be more cards coming.
    Also, I think I’ll be posting a cake painting tomorrow, so please check back.


  7. Karin Grow

    I love your work, especially the pretty cakes you paint. Gives me such a sweet tooth.


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