She Wore Peacock Feathers

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7 Responses to “She Wore Peacock Feathers”

  1. The Jones Trio

    She is really unique – sooo pretty!
    This may be a hard question, but do you have a favorite painting you’ve done?

  2. Miss Kris

    Hi Janet~

    This is just unbelievable, the most beautiful piece:) I wonder if they make a dress like that?

    Lovely, ~Miss Kris~

  3. Janet Hill

    I’m not sure about a favourite painting. There are certain ones that I like more than others, although, I usually find that the paintings that I’m not as happy with often turn out to be more popular. Not sure what that’s about. Of my recent paintings I was happy with how ‘Winter Solace’ and ‘Ms. Valentine’ turned out. Oh, and I often find that sometimes after I paint something I may hate it for a while, but later on, I realize that I quite like it. Perhaps I’m not a good judge of my work!

  4. Janet Hill

    If a designer did, I would have to buy it and prance around my house in it until all the feathers fell off.

  5. I love this painting, its very beautiful. I think I am going to use this as inspiration for my senior prom dress!


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