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5 Responses to “girlfriends”

  1. i have to laugh at myself, because when i saw you had posted (early!) i raced over just imaging what the painting “girlfriends” might look like.
    your post was so sweet though and made me think of my dear friends who have been there though the highs and lows.
    instead of a lovely painting i was treated with a lovely reminder of how special those friendships are.
    your friends look like a lot of fun- what a great photo.

  2. Peter Lynn

    My first thought when I saw this one was that someone was missing from the Losers’ Club, but you brought in a replacement. It’s like seeing an episode of Roseanne with the new Becky.

  3. Janet Hill

    Hi Peter,
    As you know, we have dismantled the Queen’s Loser’s Club, but I can see why you would think that we had a new member. Anne-Marie is cute and blonde, but she didn’t go to Queen’s University and therefore, cannot be a loser. And always remember, if we were having a Queen’s Loser’s Club meeting would have raisins stuck in our front teeth.

  4. Anonymous

    You are a dear sweet friend Janet!! We love you lots as you are so much fun. Looking forward to our girls night in TO….I put the buzz in my sisters ear for late January.
    By the way I would join a losers club…it sound grand with such classy ladies.

  5. Janet Hill

    ‘Anonymous’ that has to be you Anne-Marie. Trust me, you don’t want to be part of the loser’s club. All we did was drink cheap wine and complain about our lack of achievements. You see, most Queen’s graduates have become doctors with MBA’s and two successful novels under their belts, all before the age of 30. Not us. No sir.


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