A Shop Display

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6 Responses to “A Shop Display”

  1. Lia Squires

    You definitely did a wonderful job with your shop displays! The Great Dame was always a ‘must stop’ for me when I was in town for the Stratford Festival. I was gutted when I arrived in Stratford at the start of this season and noticed that the shop was gone, although I do appreciate that you now have more time for painting!

    Is there any update as to when the canvas prints will be available?

  2. Janet Hill

    Thanks! I have to admit I do enjoy the painting more than the shopkeeping.

    The prints have been ordered and I’m expecting them next week, although, I’ll be away next week so I will post them hopefully the week following that….

  3. Anonymous


    I want to say how beautiful and inspiring your paintings are. I recently made a painting of my sisters wedding as a gift ( very amateur painting ) and need to ship it overseas, and was wondering if you could give advice on how to ship a painting that is still wet to the touch.
    Hope you have a great day and keep those paintings coming , they are gorgeous !!!

  4. mrsjag56@aol.com

    Love your paintings~ Do you, do commission work?

    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage…

  5. Janet Hill

    Hi Tina,

    At the moment I don’t have much time so I’m not taking on any commissions.


  6. Janet Hill


    It’s best to wait until the painting is fully dry. I’ve shipped the odd painting that was still a little tacky and it never works out well….



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