Shoe Stairs

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6 Responses to “Shoe Stairs”

  1. Peter Lynn

    I think you mean shoes, empty wine bottles, clothes, empty wine bottles, plates, empty wine bottles, cups, and empty wine bottles.

    “Third floor of a two-floor apartment” makes no sense, you realize. If I hadn’t been there myself and didn’t know what you mean, I’d accuse you of living in some kind of Doctor Who-style accommodations that bent the nature of time and space by being bigger on the inside than the outside.

  2. This is a fun piece. I like the subtle color palett of your paintings and still have quite a bit of sparkle in each one.

  3. Janet Hill


    Oh boy. Maybe I did drink a little too much at university especially because I thought I lived on the third floor of a two floor apartment. Wow.
    It was a little like Doctor Who though. To anyone else who is reading this, what I meant to say was it was a building with three floors and our apt had the top two. I had the attic floor with the staircase with all the empty the wine bottles…..

  4. I absolutely love your paintings. What a beautiful style you have!

    I have to say, my favorite are those gorgeous red shoes in your blog banner… I have always had a thing for red shoes 🙂

    Gorgeous blog! Will be back soon.

  5. {this is glamorous}

    Love this piece — reminds me of my shoes strewn all about, with pretty dresses here and there.


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